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The Anchor Welcomes  New Head Chef Nico Rasile

Growing up with an Italian chef as a father, food was always a massive part in his life. from a young age he always wanted to learn more about food (and wine). 

With the support of his family at 16, he left home to embark on his foodie adventure.

Attending Bournemouth & Poole’s Specialised Chef Scholarship, in this time he got a Diploma in Professional Cookery from the Academy of Culinary Arts. 


For the past 16 years he has been working in Central London in and with some of the most famous chef and restaurants, such as Jason Atherton, Bryn Williams, Heston Blumenthal, Wolseley and the Salt Yard Group. 


Finally moving out of the London, with his beautiful young family this year, bring his passion and love of food with him.  


An ambassador for “The Burnt Chef Project”, which is an organisation that is trying shine a light on the dark stigma of mental health and a bad working life in kitchen and the restaurant industry.